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UCSB Classroom Services
Classroom Services provides technical support for the instructional use of the 95 General Assignment classrooms on campus. Some of those classrooms are in halls staffed by Instructional Development personnel, such as Campbell Hall, Buchanan Hall, IV Theaters and Embarcadero Hall. Media Equipment provides support for the remainder of the General Assignment classrooms.
Classroom Services also provides technical and media support on a recharge basis for special events throughout the campus such as guest lectures, invited seminars, Art & Lectures presentations, and film series, to name only a few examples.

classroom contacts

Todd GillespieDirector of Operations2130 Kerr Hall
jim gallaghermedia equipment manager 1160 Kerr Hall
erik mooreTechnical DirectorCampbell Hall
Alvaro OlivoBuchanan Hall Manager2956 Buchanan Hall
Raymond AuthierDigital Editing Lab & Reserved Media Viewing Room Supervisor1126 Kerr Hall
workPhone: 805-893-7420
Natascha CohenSenior Public Events Manager1110 Embarcadero Hall
workPhone: 805-893-4990
Juan Espinoza Office Manager & Video Conferencing 1204 Kerr Hall
Scott LambClassroom Technology Manager1140 Kerr Hall
Jon Handy Classroom Services Technician 1140 Kerr Hall